Delta/Digitals FAQ (secrets)
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Author:  Sergey Oleynik [ 16 May 2005, 11:21 ]
Post subject:  Delta/Digitals FAQ (secrets)

This topic accumulates non evident and advanced features

Author:  Anton Horpynich [ 22 Sep 2005, 14:47 ]
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How to prepare polygons for the orthophoto mosaic?

There are few fuctions to simplify this job. The detailed description could be found in the PDF document by the following link:

Here is the example as well:

Author:  Anton Horpynich [ 23 Sep 2005, 06:38 ]
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How to create a DEM-grid needed for ortho transformation?

There are two ways to create a DEM grid. One of them is to use command Raster|DEM extraction which use the specified grid size in mm in photo scale and orientation of the photo. This command also performs correlation of created DEM.
The other way is using specified grid size in meters on the ground. In this case DEM will be created parallel to the axes of the coordinate system. Use DEM|Create DEM command to create grid and then DEM|DEM correlation to perform the automatic correlation for the selected DEM(s). It is recommended to make first correlation at zoom 1:16 or 1:32 and then second correlation at zoom 1:1 or 2:1. To do this just set desired zoom before you run the DEM|DEM correlation command.

Author:  Sergey Oleynik [ 29 Aug 2006, 13:05 ]
Post subject:  How to use an Immersion compatible mouse

How to use an Immersion compatible mouse and customize its buttons?

To use the 3D-mouse with Delta software you have to connect it physically to a com-port of your PC and copy IBOX32.DLL file from Immersion setup CD to your \Delta folder. Then run Ged.exe and set Immersion compatible mouse in Tools|Options|Harware|Human interface device.

To assign your favorite commands to different mouse buttons (up to 16 buttons) you can edit IBOX32.INI file. Line started with # at the beginning of this file are comments and then you will see button assignments, that look like Button1=Number_Of_Command. Change command numbers for appropriate buttons to desired ones and then restart Ged.exe program.

To download Ibox32.dll/Ibox32.ini files, follow the link

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